Shopify POS Discounts: Ultimate Guide for Automatic Discounts – Shield Smart

Shoppers active­ly search for discounts before buying online­ – 91% of Americans do this. Additionally, online stores notice­ that customers using coupons tend to spend 37% more­ than those without coupons.  This guide explore­s automatic discounts with Shopify POS Discount, explaining how they work and drive sale­s by delighting customers. Whethe­r experience­d or new to … Read more

How to Set Up Google Analytics 4 on Shopify in 2024 – Shield Smart

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Shopify Tips & Top Contributors – Shield Smart

In May, we celebrated our community’s amazing collaborative spirit. You asked, and the community delivered. Find out how to refresh your theme, get store launch checklists, and tweak your SEO strategies and product pages. Disclaimer: The images included in this post were created with the assistance of Dall-E 3.0. Leaderboard A heartfelt thank you to … Read more

Navigating Bankruptcy with a Shopify Capital Loan – Shield Smart

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