Ayman Ihiri Says TikTok Shop Is The Biggest Opportunity Right Now – Shield Smart

TikTok and its over one billion users present a lucrative opportunity to earn big by selling on TikTok Shop. For print-on-demand sellers, TikTok Shop offers a fresh and relatively untapped market, and with Printify’s TikTok Shop integrationit couldn’t be more straightforward. Today, we’re catching up with Ayman Ihiri, a content creator and successful print-on-demand entrepreneur … Read more

Introducing Medium:  Unlocking the Future of Insurance Lead Management – Shield Smart

In the fast-paced world of insurance, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. For both new and seasoned insurance agents, efficiently managing leads can make all the difference in growing your business. That’s why Agency Height is excited to introduce Medium, our latest feature designed to revolutionize how you handle insurance leads. Medium … Read more

Former Eagles Head Football Coach Out at Preble – Shield Smart

Mark Jonas. File photo. After leaving Southern Door after two seasons to become the head football coach at Green Bay Preble, the Hornets’ position extended to former Eagles head coach Mark Jonas has been rescinded. The Green Bay Area Public School District emailed a letter Thursday from Preble principal Courtney Kuehn and associate principal/director of … Read more

Shopify POS Discounts: Ultimate Guide for Automatic Discounts – Shield Smart

Shoppers active­ly search for discounts before buying online­ – 91% of Americans do this. Additionally, online stores notice­ that customers using coupons tend to spend 37% more­ than those without coupons.  This guide explore­s automatic discounts with Shopify POS Discount, explaining how they work and drive sale­s by delighting customers. Whethe­r experience­d or new to … Read more

How to use Apple Pay on Amazon ahead of Prime Day – Shield Smart

Amazon Prime Day is creeping up on us. Avid shoppers keeping their eyes on exclusive Prime Day deals can enjoy a breezy shopping experience while they benefit from major deals this July thanks to Amazon’s flexible payment options. Users are no longer limited to debit and/or credit cards or Amazon gift cards; if you’re an … Read more