Book: Unshackled: A Practical Guide For Highly-Skilled Immigrants To Thrive In The United States – Shield Smart

I recently wrote the Foreword for Unshackleda new book co-authored by Soundarya Basubramania writer from India, and Sameer Khedekara veteran immigration lawyer. Unshackled breaks down how legal immigration works in America in a way that is friendly, accessible, and human. It’s filled with raw stories of high-skilled immigrants who walked unconventional paths and actionable guidance … Read more

The Best No Income Tax States To Work And Get Rich – Shield Smart

Income taxes can hinder wealth creation. Fortunately, for Americans seeking to save on taxes, there are nine states without income tax where we can choose to reside. These states are listed below in alphabetical order: Alaska Florida New Hampshire Nevada South Dakota Tennessee Texas Washington Wyoming Ideally, you’ll secure a fantastic job and find your … Read more